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Fresh From Page Six

According to the Not An Exit site, the Lunar Park paperback tour has been cancelled. As of Thursday, the rumor that was flying around was that Mr. Ellis fractured his ankle. Here's the article.

I'm a little curious about the skepticism of the article, and even the bookstore here that was to host the signing, especially seeing that he openly admitted to missing signing sessions on his Glamorama tour due to his "allergies". Any thoughts?

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DAMN!! I was going to see him at the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver..fuck :-/
Yeah...I'm pretty pissed off, too. I mean, I was lucky enough to meet him in Seattle on the hardback tour, but I just moved to a really small town in Michigan and I'm miserable. This book tour was the one thing I've been looking forward to since I got to the hellhole back in June!