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You now have a reason to get Showtime...

and I mean for something other than the naked movies they show after 11PM.

Here's the link for the new show. Which, I just found out, has already been posted previously.

But it looks like he's been really busy. Mr. Ellis just won an IHG Award for best novel and it looks like there are talks with Adam Goldberg for the rights to a Lunar Park movie. Not to mention, he's been overheard as saying he's currently starting another novel...which still means it could be another eight years before the general public sees it.

Who knows? Maybe him breaking his foot and cancelling his tour was a good thing after all.

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Thanks for posting this!! I can't wait until it comes out! Between that and "Dexter" I'll have all kinds of goodness to watch.
Yeah, I really want to get into "Dexter" but I can't justify paying all that money to subscribe to one extra channel for only one show. I'll more than likely wait for "Dexter" to hit DVD before than.

Unless, of course, "The Canyons" premieres in the near enough future.
Thankfully the hubby works for the cable company and we get it for free =)
I'm excited to hear of a new novel. Lunar Park movie is another story.
Well, I think it would be strange to see Val Kilmer portraying the fictional Bret Easton Ellis. Mainly because I keep seeing him as Jim Morrison or Iceman.
That would be strange. I think the concepts of Lunar Park work on paper, but I don't know that it would translate over well. It would have to be a hell of a screen play. Especially for things like that paint peeling, the terby and other things (I don't want to spoil for those who haven't read this yet)