eliminate what you can't repair (_stadtkind_) wrote in not_an_exit,
eliminate what you can't repair

time has decided there's no writer for the "current" generation

and, while falling back on coupland as the "last great current writer", they use BEE as a source, and he's got some good stuff to say:

The process by which the Voice is anointed is a mysterious one. "I think youth has a lot to do with it," says Ellis, whose latest novel, Lunar Park, came out last summer. "Being the first--and not necessarily the best, just the first--to capture what it feels like to be a member of your generation catapults you forward in a direction that doesn't happen to Jonathan Safran Foer or Zadie Smith. I guess I got lucky, because the way I wrote about us was something that a large number of people connected and agreed with. It wasn't orchestrated. There wasn't a plan."
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